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Template Materials for Applique

Today I wanted to share with you different material that can be used for applique template. My plan is to make a series showing how to use some of them and what I like best about the material. If you like doing applique and use something else please leave me a comment. Quilter are great…

Test template images for reversing in applique

Testing Images for Applique Some patterns in applique will say image reversed for fusible applique, or you may have to reverse the pattern to face the way you want or need. Letters and numbers are good for creating this confusion. There is a way to test the images before using the actual material. Let’s face…

Christmas Ornaments

I have so enjoy Christmas ornaments. Every year my family and I look for new ones that represent some we did or someone over the last year. I also enjoy making them. Sometimes inspiration for an ornament hits me in the middle of the night. I then have to get up and go to the…