Studio Update

I have been so looking forward to sharing photo of my new work space. A place that brings me my creativity and a peaceful awareness of what I make. Now for the but. As I have gotten things organized to a degree that I felt that I could work and keep moving ahead a little at a time with finding a home for everything. My mother-in-law needed a lot of health care. She was placed in a near by nursing home for her end of life care. We had to move her out of her apartment, she would no longer need it and her lease was due. I bet you can guess where most of her things went. My husband decided that we needed to take a vacation before she passed as she was in a place where people could take care of her.

Now that we have returned and my mother-in-law has passed, It has been hard finding my space again. I will plug away a little at a time to get it cleared as there is still much to do with all that needs to be done.


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