Template Materials for Applique

Today I wanted to share with you different material that can be used for applique template. My plan is to make a series showing how to use some of them and what I like best about the material. If you like doing applique and use something else please leave me a comment. Quilter are great people and love sharing. So let’s get started.

The first material I have used is cardstock. I like gluing pieces together if the cardstock is thin. The good thing about cardstock is it can be used over and over but, will eventually wear out. The squares that come from fat quarter of fabric are good to make templates from They are a bit thicker. Cardstock and cardboard are cheap and easy to come by.

Cardstock & fat quarter spare cardboard

Freezer paper is a wonderful material, and I am using it more and more. It easy to find in the grocery store. I’ve only ever use Reynolds brand. I’m not sure other brands work as well. In my grocery store I don’t even think they carry other brands. I like that you can iron onto the fabric and leave it until you’re ready to sew.

Freezer Paper

Then we get int plastic template. You can make your own or purchase ready-made plastic templates. I’ve seen the Flexible Cutting matt found in dollar tree. I’m ready to see how these come out. I have yet to try them. Template Plastic that can be purchased in most fabric store. There are several types. Some are thinker then others and some are heat resistant.

Heavy Duty Template Plastic and flexible cutting matts

There is also the No Melt templates. I’ve purchased these at a quilt show from The Stencil Company. I’m love to give these a try. I have several set of Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Templates that are heat resistant. These work very nicely using the starch method of applique.

Perfect Stape from The Stencil Company and Perfet shapes by Karen Kay Buckley

Using these templates materials with success also depends on a few factors. The applique method you’re doing. How well the template is cut. And the fabric you’re using. There is also more the one way to use some of this material for applique. and did you know you can also use some of the for other applications such as scrapbooking and designing. I’m sure if you use your imagination you can think of other uses.

I will be creating more content on how I use some of these template materials. That it for today. Thank for stopping by and keep creating.


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