I have found it difficult to list the number of item I have for sale on this page. And the cost of open an ecommerce right now is just too pricey. So I am trying out a few other way to sell my products here online. If your interested in seeing what I have listed please click on the links below. It will bring you to another site to make the purchase. I’ve included a description for the types of thing you will find at each site.

Ecrater Just click here. This is were I sell my handmade items. At times I will put this site on hold it I am at a craft show and take the inventory with me. I’ll put up a widget soon, this is still a work in progress.

Poshmark Just click here. This is where I sell clothes. My mother-in-law passed away and she had some very nice vintage clothes. I will be posting those soon so keep checking in.

Mercari Just click here. This will take you to my yard sale item. Things that I have acquired over the years and they need new homes.